Registration for Bachelor and Master students is done via TUCaN. There are different registration deadlines in the individual departments.

Department of Law and Economics: From November 15th (Winter Semester) or June 1st (Summer Semester) to eight days before the examination date.

Students of other faculties can get information about registration deadlines from their study office.

You can find the written exam dates here . Normally, the exam dates are fixed at the beginning of a semester.

Oral examinations are not currently offered in our department.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer special exam dates for organisational reasons.

If you are unable to attend an exam due to illness, please hand in your medical certificate at your study office. There are certain deadlines for handing in a certificate, which can be found in the General Examination Regulations.

Please contact our department additionally.

You can find information on accreditations here .

For a letter of recommendation please contact Ms. Meike Kietzmann by email. Please attach a current CV and performance review to your request.

The dates of the seminar presentations can be found each semester in the course catalogue under Faculty 1 – Law and Economics.

Bachelor and Master students register for the seminars in TUCaN via the seminar registration tool.

Exchange students register at the study office of the Faculty of Law and Economics during the registration period.

You can find this information directly at the individual lecture: here or here . Please note: Our lectures in English are exclusively in English, i.e. the exam will also be written and answered in English.

Yes, normally you have to.

There are exceptions only for 1.) Erasmus students or students from abroad as well as for 2.) students of the TU Darmstadt who have already been abroad and have received a partial accreditation for one of the two part courses. Important: This accreditation must have been completed beforehand, the student must have received a so-called “grüne Teilnotenbescheinigung” from the study office. Please consult Katharina Staab before the exam!

No. The points of both part exams are added up and an overall grade is calculated.

In some of our exams you are allowed to use a “non-programmable calculator”. By this we mean calculators in which no formulas or text can be stored, so that these calculators could be used as cribbers. It is best to use a simple calculator without many additional functions to avoid discussions.