If you are planning to study abroad, it is best to consult with the department in advance and get prior accreditation.

Please submit the following documents to verify the pre-accreditation:

  • completed form for pre-accreditation and
  • detailed lecture description of the course in English or German. It must include the course contents, the credit points as well as the target group of the lecture and must originate from the partner university.

For the final accreditation please send us the following documents via E-Mail:

  • completed form for final accreditation
  • Transcript of Records and
  • detailed description of the lecture (see above) and, if required, other documents noted on the pre-accreditation.

For the approval of exams taken at other universities in Germany, please also contact the department. The documents to be submitted correspond to those for final accreditation.

Submission of documents

Please hand in the documents via email to Merlind Knof.