Intergenerational Dialogue: Exploring AI's Role with Seniors' Club LAB at leap in time Lab


Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming the seniors' club LAB (Leben Aktiv Bereichern – Actively enriching life) from Wiesbaden to our leap in time lab. In two groups, the seniors interacted with different types of robots, including Pepper, Zembo, and our humanoid robot Lena. During their stay, the seniors gained insights into the technical and scientific background of artificial intelligence (AI). Our department conducts in-depth research on the acceptance of AI-based systems, particularly in the field of robotics. In collaboration with the Competence Center for Work and Artificial Intelligence, we are exploring practical questions related to the role of AI in the workplace.

From thought-provoking questions to enthusiastic conversations, the atmosphere was one of openness and curiosity. In exciting discussions, we shared our thoughts on the impacts, opportunities and boundaries of technological change. The event provided a platform for intergenerational dialogue and demonstrated how technology can build bridges between generations. It was a day of learning and inspiration that allowed us to see the future and the potential of technology in new ways.