Can you recognize your favorite chocolate by its taste?


In many business areas, some brands divide a large part of the market among themselves. Which brand do you prefer? Coke or Pepsi? Visa or Mastercard? Mcdonald's or Burger King? Although the brands often hardly differ from an objective point of view, consumers usually have apparent preferences. It is well known that strong brands directly affect the consumer's motivation to act but not the sensory experience.

In the marketing lecture on June 14, 2023, Meike Kietzmann organized a chocolate experiment to investigate the influence of brands on product perception together with our students. Two groups were formed, which had to correctly classify four different chocolate brands, Milka, Lindt, Rittersport, and Choceur, concerning their taste. Although most of the students stated that they preferred Mila as a brand, the results showed that the Mila brand could hardly be distinguished from the Lindt brand. Similar results were observed for Rittersport and Choceur. Impressions on the “chocolate experiment” can be gained by visiting our Instagram channel: Mehr erfahren