Modern market presence – a guest lecture from Sparkasse Taunus


As a part of the Marketing course, we were pleased to welcome guest speaker Oliver Klink, chairman of the board of Sparkasse Taunus, to our lecture hall on May 24, 2023.

Low-interest rates, digitalization, competition from FinTechs, and structural challenges – banks in Germany have had a tough time over the past two decades. Oliver Klink reported how “Sparkasse Taunus” has overcome the difficulties associated in recent years and on what, in his view, constitutes a modern market presence. Exciting discussion sessions with students covered brand management, AI in customer services, and front-line service. A crucial strategic concept of German Sparkasssen is the introduction of so-called Pavilions. Pavilions are used to adapt to customers' changing needs and expectations and promote personal interaction and individualized advice while incorporating modern technology and self-service options.

We would like to thank Oliver Klink for the exciting guest lecture and his willingness to provide practical insights into long-term experiences as the chairman of the board of the Sparkasse Taunus.