Thanks to all our guest speakers!


We had an eventful winter semester 2022/23 with many guest lectures from the practice.

Guest speakers were:

Future of Work (organized by Lea Heitlinger, M.Sc. and research associate, and Meike Kietzmann, M.Sc. and research associate)

  • Dietmar Eidens (Chief HR Officer, Merck KGaA): Digitized Ways of Working
  • Dr. Friederike Pleuger (Director Medical Services Germany, Global Health, Safety & Well-Being, SAP SE): Global Health Management
  • Dr. Christian Kugelmeier (Co-Founder and Co-CEO, VORSPRUNG@work): Human Nature at Work

Leadership (organized by Mona Kegel, M.Sc. and research associate)

  • Frank Lichtenberg (Director, Invensity): Leadership vs. Management
  • Dr. Hanno Meier (Principal and Member of the Management Board, Commerz Business Consulting) and Karoline Suss (Senior Manager, Commerz Business Consulting): Leadership at Commerz Business Consulting – Our Guiding Principles of Leadership

Human Resources Management (organized by Katharina Staab, M.Sc.)

  • Dr. Pia Lünstroth (Partner, HKP) and Nina Grochowitzki (Partner, HKP): Designing Compensation Successfully
  • Dr. Stefanie Becker (Senior HR Project Consultant, SAP SE): Strategic Human Resources Planning

It is important for us not only to teach the students the theoretical perspectives in our lectures, but also to underpin them with practical insights. We would like to thank all speakers and look forward to staying in touch.