Responsible interaction with anthropomorphic robots: An interdisciplinary challenge – FiF & FB1 Workshop


Prof. Dr. Dr. Stock-Homburg invited to the workshop by the Forum Interdisciplinary Research (FIF) and Department of Law and Economics (FB1) at the leap in time Lab on „Responsible Interaction With Anthropomorphic Robots: An Interdisciplinary Challenge“.

The director of the Forum Interdisciplinary Research Prof. Dr. Thomas Walther opened the interdisciplinary workshop, in which professors from TU Darmstadt exchanged ideas on robot psychology, robot transparency, robot learning, liability, privacy, and emotion and context recognition.


  • RoboTrust: Responsible Design and Implementation of Anthropomorphic Robots (Prof. Dr. Dr. Stock-Homburg, chair of Marketing and Human Resource Management)
  • Liability & Transparency (Prof. Dr. Wendt, chair of Compliance and Regulation and Prof. Dr. von Stryk, chair of Simulation, Systems Optimization and Robotics Group)
  • Learning & Psychological Needs (Prof. Dr. Chalvatzaki, chair of Intelligent Autonomous Systems and Prof. Dr. Dr. Stock-Homburg)

Relatedly, Vignesh Prasad, M.Sc., demonstrated our humanoid robot Elenoide.

We thank the participants very much for the inspiring discussions and look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership.