Office robots are the future


Our andoid robot, Elenoide, worked for eight weeks with several groups on a project for innovative products in the research laboratory of leap in time GmbH. This project work took place in cooperation with Dietmar Eidens and Karsten Hofrichter from Merck Group. The project teams integrated Elenoide into their team. They discussed the tasks with her and dealt with Elenoide's solution approaches. They also involved Elenoide in leisure discussions during the breaks.

Among others, Zeit Online published a report on the project work with Elenoide (Mehr erfahren). On Friday, 14.10.2022, there was also a report on ZDF Volle Kanne (Mehr erfahren, from minute: 38:37) as well as in the Mittagsmagazin (Mehr erfahren, from minute: 47:03).