Workshop for ICSR 2020

Trustful Interaction with Anthropomorphic Service Robots through Responsible Design: An Interdisciplinary Challenge

Date: November 14, 2020

Location: online, world-wide open

Duration: Full Day


  • Mai Anh Nguyen1
  • Georgia Chalvatzaki1
  • Oleg Arenz1
  • Ruth Stock-Homburg1
  • Indra Spiecker gen. Döhmann2
  • Klaus David3

1Technical University of Darmstadt, Karolinenplatz 5, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany

2Goethe University of Frankfurt, Theodor-Adorno-Platz 4, 60629 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

3University of Kassel, Wilhelmshöher Allee 73, 34121 Kassel, Germany



The rise of service robots has not only become an integral part of our lives but more relevant and necessary than ever. For example, the current COVID-19 pandemic revealed the necessity for human-centered robotic assistants that can interact with and even treat humans in quarantine. Anthropomorphic service robots arise as a suitable and necessary solution for entering everyday challenging environments, like hospitals and nursing houses, for offering relief to humans in need, and assisting them efficiently and safely. However, the extent to which the service provided by the robot is beneficial to humans depends on the responsible design, use, and subsequently the interaction with the service robot.

This interactive online workshop deals with fundamental open problems in human-robot interaction (HRI). We will debate problems like: (a) the psychological impact during design and operation, (b) the definition and learning of natural robot behavior, (c) the bias detection and attack during design and operation, (d) transparent robot behavior and liability, and (d) the legal regulations and implications, offering an interdisciplinary approach to address them.

The topics covered by the workshop include:

  • acceptance in HRI in service and its impact on liking and intentions,
  • the transparent design of physical presence in HRI in services,
  • human-robot learning for intelligent service robots for trustworthy robot movements,
  • product compliance in the responsible use of service robots with a focus on the regulation of anthropomorphic service robots, the impact of regulations, and
  • privacy in the responsible use of service robots with a focus on data subject’s rights and transparency obligations.


This workshop addresses practitioners and researchers from the noted research fields and aims to discuss these challenges by bringing together experts from different disciplines such as law, machine learning, psychology, ethical AI, and robotics. We wish to provide new research directions and synergies between those different research streams, taking one step further towards the ultimate goal of responsible design and the use of service robots for humans.

Invited Speakers

Following speakers have been invited to the workshop:

  • Heni Ben Amor (Advanced Robotics & AI, Arizona State University, USA) [accepted]
  • Cynthia Breazeal (Social Robotics Lab, MIT Media Lab, USA)
  • Eric Hilgendorf (Information Law & Legal Informatics, University of Würzburg, Germany) [accepted]
  • Melinda Florina Lohmann (Robot Law & Information Law, University of St. Gallen, Germany) [accepted]
  • Midori Sugaya (Functional Control Systems, Shibaura Institute of Technology) [accepted]
  • Alan Winfield (Robot Ethics, University of Bristol, UK & Chair of IEEE P7001 Transparency of Autonomous Systems) [accepted]