Vignesh Prasad
Picture: Jakub Kaliszewski

M.Sc. Vignesh Prasad

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work +49 6151 16-24475
fax +49 6151 16-24460

Work S1|02 151
Hochschulstraße 1
64289 Darmstadt

Since 07/2019 Technical University of Darmstadt
PhD student
Guides: Dr. Ruth Stock-Homburg & Dr. Jan Peters
08/2016 – 08/2017 IIIT Hyderabad
Master of Science by Research in Computer Science
Guide: Dr. K. Madhava Krishna
08/2012 – 08/2016 IIIT Hyderabad
Bachelor of Technology (Honours) in Computer Science
Guide: Dr. K. Madhava Krishna
Since 07/2019 Technical University of Darmstadtt
Research Assistant under Dr. Ruth Stock-Homburg & Dr. Jan Peters
08/2017 – 06/2019 TCS Innovation Labs, Kolkata
Researcher in the Machine Vision Group under Dr. Brojeshwar Bhowmick
08/2016 – 08/2017 Robotics Research Center, IIIT Hyderabad
Research Assistant under Dr. K. Madhava Krishna
12/2015 Robotics Laboratory, Hiroshima University
Exchange Student in the Sakura Science Program under Dr. Idaku Ishii
Google Scholar:
  • Robotics
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Learning from Demonstrations
  • Computer Vision

By appointment

Prasad, Vignesh/Das, Dipanjan/Bhowmick, Brojeshwar (2020), Variational Clustering: Leveraging Variational Autoencoders for Image Clustering, IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2020

Stock-Homburg, Ruth/Peters, Jan/Schneider, Katharina/Prasad, Vignesh/Nukovic, Lejla (2020), Evaluation of the Handshake Turing Test for anthropomorphic Robots, Companion of the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction (HRI) 2020, Cambridge, UK.

Prasad, Vignesh/Bhowmick, Brojeshwar (2019), SfMLearner++: Learning Monocular Depth & Ego-Motion using Meaningful Geometric Constraints, Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) 2019

Prasad, Vignesh/Das, Dipanjan/Bhowmick, Brojeshwar (2018), Epipolar Geometry based Learning of Multi-view Depth and Ego-Motion from Monocular Sequences, Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP)

Prasad, Vignesh/Yadav ,Karmesh (2018), Learning to prevent Monocular SLAM failure using Reinforcement Learning, Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing (ICVGIP)

Kaushik, Meha/ Prasad, Vignesh/Krishna, K. Madhava/Balaraman, Ravindran (2018), Overtaking Maneuvers in Simulated Highway Driving using Deep Reinforcement Learning, Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV)

Prasad, Vignesh/Jangir, Rishabh/Krishna, K. Madhava/Balaraman, Ravindran (2017), Data driven strategies for Active Monocular SLAM using Inverse Reinforcement Learning, Extended Abstract in International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS)